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Advantages of Tea bags
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Tea bags do not appear to reduce or improve the quality of tea, but to facilitate the carrying and brewing, more to take into account convenience. Naturally, it is inevitable to damage the shape of the tea.

But for tea lovers out of the house, tea bags also have its advantages.

In fact, tea bags and tea are like the difference between the fast food noodles and the handmade noodles.

As far as drinking tea is concerned, tea is still half baulosa better than tea.

People who love tea usually do not wrap tea, because it is all tea Sueko, there is no incense head and tea in the cup of the spirit of beauty. If only the general quenching thirst, tea bag tea is convenient, easy to clean. If you want to use milk to tea making that tea bag, drink up convenient.

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