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The role of silicone desiccant
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Silicone dryers are used as air purifiers to remove moisture from the air to control air humidity. It can also be used as dehumidification between two layers of parallel sealed glass panels to maintain the transparency of the glass.

It is also widely used in maritime transport, and coarse-hole silicone desiccant is often used as dewatering agent and desiccant, Catalyst Carrier, at the same time can remove organic acids and water in transformer insulating oil. In addition, because of its large aperture, or silicone deep processing of raw materials, and blue silicone desiccant is used as an indicator to indicate the degree of water absorption of desiccant, used for drying moisture absorption, the cobalt-free silicone desiccant is a substitute for blue silica gel.