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Types Of Tea Bags
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The original tea bags are simple square single-sac shape, this type of tea bag into the water, tea will be concentrated in the tea bag, brewing speed is very slow.

However, due to the simple form, the use of packaging machinery is relatively rudimentary, so it is still used by most businesses. With the popularity of flower tea, ordinary tea bags due to small space, can not accommodate the expansion of fruit grains and petals, the market began to appear diamond tea bags. Diamond tea bags, as the name suggests, are a tetrahedron structure, packaged in food-grade nylon. The appearance of this kind of tea bag is exquisite, and the space in the bag is very large, which is conducive to the distribution of fragrance, but also can watch the morphological changes of tea, is the mainstream trend of tea bags in the future. But diamond tea bags are expensive to process, and few factories are able to produce them. As a result, most are used in more high-end products. All 7talks of domestic use of diamond tea bags.

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