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Characteristics of mosquito nets
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Benefits: Environmental protection, breathable, can be used repeatedly.

Mosquito net gauze is better than some spray, because it has no irritation or effect on the human body, can directly for us to avoid mosquito bites.

1) Simple mosquito Net: Both sides of the seam has a cloth hole, you can put the bamboo pole through the cloth hole to support the mosquito net, the top four corners have a tie rope, can be fixed, easy to use.

2) with stent mosquito Net:

A. Non-embroidered steel bracket: The barge is firm, the hardness is large, the luster is bright, does not bend, will not deform, the balance is good, can extend, the middle can hang the fan, does not rust, the installation is convenient, is more durable.

B. Lightweight carbon fiber bracket: Firm and tough, foldable, folding interface ring surface for chrome plating treatment, never rust, carry and collection are very convenient. 3) Flexible and convenient installation, according to the placement of the bed to determine the installation method (that is, the mosquito net bracket mounting bed side or bedside, can also be installed on the bed side of the bedside wall).