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Other uses of tea bags
- Dec 06, 2018 -

In addition to shoe odor material: used stockings or sand cloth, rubber band, drink the rest and dry the tea. Put the dried tea in the used stockings. In addition to the shoe odor of the small tea bag will be done, and finally take off the shoes every day after the small tea bag into the inside of the shoe, the next day when wearing shoes and then take out, so that the taste inside the shoe will disappear.

Mr. Ke also suggested that the tea bag after daily use to get to the ventilation place to dry, so that the tea bag can be reused, adsorption of shoe odor effect is also obvious. Clean tableware oil, first with the leftover tea bag wipe and then clean, you can save the amount of dishwashing essence. Tea has the effect of absorbing oil and oil, if the dishes are not too greasy, or even after the use of tea bags do not have to be used to wash dishes are very clean, natural and do not hurt hands!