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The use of tea bags for eye dressing
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1. Ice against puffiness, can make edema of the eyes quickly detumescent.

But because it is more exciting, it will make the elasticity of the skin around the eyes become bad, so this method is best not to use every day. 2. Warm response to dark circles, a slightly higher temperature can promote the blood circulation of the eye circumference, in order to improve the circulation of the dark circles formed by the poor.

Note, however, that the temperature should not be too high to form fine lines.

3. Iced tea bags are generally used in the morning, Wen Cha bags are generally used at night, and after applying the Wen Cha bag after applying some moisturizing eye cream, the effect will double. 4. Green tea is generally used and green tea contains antioxidant ingredients. Do not use black tea, especially overnight, because the ingredients in black tea are extremely perishable after the air is long placed.