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Production And Consumption Of Non-woven Fabrics
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Global non-woven consumption was 800,000 tonnes in 1983, while it grew to 1.1 million tonnes by 1985, 1.4 million tonnes in 1988, and by 1998, global non-woven consumption reached 2.4 million tonnes, and its consumption was expected to reach 3.7 million tonnes by 2005.

The consumption of man-made fibers for various textiles was 16.9 million tonnes in 1983, by 1988 to 20.4 million tonnes, reaching 30.4 million tons in 1998, with a projected consumption of 37 million tonnes and 2007 to 38.3 million tons by 2005. The consumption growth rate of artificial fibers in nonwovens production is expected to reach 10% by 2005, reaching 10.4% by 2007. Part of the reason for the rapid growth in nonwovens industry consumption has been the increase in auxiliary industries in China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.