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The Relationship Between Nonwovens And Spinning Sticky Cloth
- Dec 06, 2018 -

SpunBond and non-woven fabric is a subordinate relationship.

Nonwovens manufacturing has many production processes, of which SpunBond is one of the non-woven production process (including spinning, melting, hot rolling, water thorn method, most of the current market is the use of spunbond production of non-woven fabric) Nonwovens according to the composition, there are polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex, acrylic, etc., different components will have a very different style of non-woven fabric.

and spinning sticky cloth, usually refers to polyester spinning sticky, polypropylene spinning sticky, and the two types of cloth style is very close, through high temperature testing can be distinguished. Non-woven fabric is a kind of nonwovens, it is directly using polymer slices, short fibers or filament to the fiber through the airflow or mechanical mesh, and then through the water thorn, acupuncture, or hot rolling reinforcement, and finally after finishing the formation of non-woven fabric.

With a soft, breathable and planar structure of new fiber products, the advantage is not to produce fiber chips, strong, durable, silky soft, but also a kind of reinforced materials, and there is a cotton feeling, compared with cotton fabrics, non-woven bags easy to form, and cheap.